Our Focus: Baron VC invests in individuals and businesses whom possess the potential to shift the paradigm in their respective industries, or define new ones. We evaluate the individual(s) as much as the business plan, and will not participate in any opportunity unless it offers exponential growth possibilities. We require a record of effort and commitment, and thus only take positions in post-revenue companies.

Our Contribution: Baron VC is a privately-funded venture capital firm. Our principles posses extensive experience in all aspects of successfully taking a company from start-up to acquisition target. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we lend strategic and operational insights to maximize our portfolio companies’ growth, profitability and marketability. We’re a “hands-on” VC firm that prefers to work alongside our portfolio partners, from the initial funding event to the end game. 

Our Requirements: Given the inherent risk of the VC marketplace, we are extremely selective and strategic with our investments. As a first wave of review, the following criteria must be met prior to investment consideration. First, the investment must be post-revenue, thus presenting some degree of financial/performance history. Second, the existing management team must be competent and willing to remain in situ during Baron VC’s vested period. Third, the investment must present exponential, long-term growth opportunity.